Cathcart leads Richmond’s run to the podium

Grade 10 McMath student and Richmond Kajaks athlete Sara Cathcart won the junior girls’ high jump at the B.C. high school track and field championships.She collected four medals in all. - sub
Grade 10 McMath student and Richmond Kajaks athlete Sara Cathcart won the junior girls’ high jump at the B.C. high school track and field championships.She collected four medals in all.
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Sara Cathcart has found the key to success at the provincial high school track and field championships: stay healthy.

In past years she suffered multiple injuries that kept her from doing her best. This year she focused on making strength training and conditioning a priority and kept a regular training schedule. The result was four podium finishes for the multi-talented Grade 10 R.A. McMath athlete, including a victory in the junior girls’ high jump (1.55 metres) and third in the long jump (5.14 metres). She also collected a pair of medals in relays.

“The B.C. high school championships is one of my favourite meets and I look forward to it every year,” said Cathcart. “There’s always great competition and I get to spend a couple of fun days with my teammates.”

Leading up to last weekend’s meet in Langley, Cathcart made sure to take of the little things like stretching properly and ensuring she had a good warm up before working out. She said the great instruction and encouragement she got from her Richmond Kajaks Track and Field Club coaches, in particular sprint coach Andrew Cooke and jumps coach Elana Voloshin.

Cathcart was pleased with her performances over the weekend and is anxious to compete in upcoming meets including the provincial club championships July 11 to 13 in Kamloops and Canadian youth legion championships Aug. 15 to 17 back in Langley. Not only was she able to set a new personal best in the long jump and come close in the high jump, but was also part of a couple great relay teams in the four-by-100-metre (third with Meghan Higashitani, Zandalee Uyeyama and Grade 9 Kelsey Jackson) and four-by-400-metre  (third with Higashitani, Uyeyama and Grade 9 Georgia Booker) relays—both featuring nail-biting finishes. But most of all, she was pleased with her ability to concentrate when things got a little crazy.

“At one point during the competition I had three events that overlapped and I wasn’t jumping well, but I was able to stay focused and turn things around, which I have had trouble with in the past,” she said.

Cathcart said her “great experience” at the B.C.’s would not have been possible without the support of McMath’s volunteer coach Bob Riddell.

“He puts in so much time and effort and is always so encouraging,” she said.

The 2014 B.C. high school track and field championships were also rewarding for several other Richmond athletes, including Cathcart’s McMath and Kajaks’ teammate Camryn Rogers who stood tall in the junior girls’ field events. She won the hammer throw (53.23 metres) and earned a bronze medal with a throw of 12.91 metres in the shot put event.

Rogers won the hammer event Saturday, two days after competing in the shot put.

“I enjoyed the shot put because I could see where I stood among the older competitors,” she said. “But in the hammer I felt more pressure because this is my main event. My goal was 58 metres, but it was a good opportunity to really practice preparing myself mentally. There are a lot of people watching you at provincial meets and you have to learn to block it out. The results give me incentive to work harder in certain areas.”

That will begin at meet this coming weekend in Coquitlam, where she’ll celebrate her birthday, followed by a return engagement in Langley the following weekend.

With Cathcart and Rogers leading the way, McMath’s junior girls were narrowly edged by Semiahmoo for the team title.

McMath’s other strong performances were by Grade 11 Connor Forsyth who earned fourth in the senior boys’ high jump, clearing 1.85 metres, Sarah Kamimura finishing fourth in the Grade 8 high jump, and the Grade 8 boys’ four by 100 relay  team of Nicholas Higashitani, Benny Bruschinski, Nishaan Dulay and Andre Belisle earning bronze.

Other Richmond schools were also well represented with McNair student and Kajak Georgia Lam earning silver  in the junior girls’ 100-metre sprint and fifth in the 200. Grade 9 Cambie student Riley Pawlik placed second in the long jump, and MacNeill’s Kyle San Juan was fifth in the Grade 8 boys’ discus. Egidio Canterella, running for Vancouver College, was a double gold winner in the Grade 8 boys’ 100-metre and 200-metre sprints.




Junior Girls' 400 Metres:

Georgia Booker, McMath, 18th preliminaries, 1:03.56


Junior Boys' 400 Metres:

Nate Lowen, McMath, 14th preliminaries, 53.63


Senior Girls' 400 Metres:

Mikaella Gloria, Cambie, ninth preliminaries, 1:00.50

Gabriella Gloria, Cambie, 12th preliminaries, 1:01.48


Junior Girls' 4x100-metre Relay:

McMath A, second, 52.11

McMath B, 23rd preliminaries, 55.55

MacNeill A, 24th preliminaries, 56.16


Junior Boys' 4x100-metre Relay:

McMath A, 10th preliminaries, 47.19

Cambie, 17th preliminaries, 49.02


Senior Girls' 4x100-metre Relay:

Cambie, ninth preliminaries, 51.34


Junior Girls' 100 Metres:

Georgia Lam, McNair, SILVER, 12.76

Meghan Higashitani, McMath, 13th preliminaries, 13.04


Junior  Boys' 100 Metres:

Matt Loveland, McMath, 21st preliminaries, 12.02

Seth Wong-Hen, McMath, 27th prelimaries, 12.26


Senior Girls' 100 Metres:

Erin Reid, McMath, 14th preliminaries, 13.13


Senior Boys' 100 Metres:

Abdul Baasit Mohamed, Cambie, eighth, 11.44

Chris Angulo, Cambie, 23rd preliminaries, 11.85


Senior Girls' 4x400-metre Relay:

Cambie A, 10th preliminaries, 4:13.58


Senior Boys' 4x400-metre Relay:

Cambie, 16th, 3:42.68


Junior Girls' 800 Metres:

Emma Webster, McMath, 18th preliminaries, 2:37.30


Junior Boys' 800 Metres:

Nate Loewen, McMath, 11th preliminaries, 2:05.11

Wilfred Lai, MacNeill, 29th preliminaries, 2:24.94


Senior Girls' 800 Metres:

Martine Perrot, Cambie, 23rd preliminaries, 2:37.03


Girls' 1500 Metres:

Anita Rudakov, McMath, 16th, 9:28.59


Junior Girls' 200 Metres:

Georgia Lam, McMath, fifth, 26.62

Meghan Higashitani, McMath, 16th preliminaries, 27.33


Senior Girls' 200 Metres:

Mikaella Gloria, Cambie, 14th preliminaries, 27.42

Gabriella Gloria, Cambie, 19th preliminaries, 28.18


Senior Boys' 200 Metres:

Abdul Baasit Mohammed, Cambie, 10th preliminaries, 23.06


Junior Boys' 3000 Metres:

Daniel Wilkinson, Richmond Christian, 29th preliminaries, 11:10.27


Girls' 3000 Metres:

Colette Summers, McMath, 21st preliminaries, 12:35.29

Anita Rudakov, McMatdh, 22nd preliminaries, 13:07.64


Junior Girls' Triple Jump:

Zandalee Uyeyama, McMath, 18th preliminaries, 9.45

Ayden Weber, McMath, 24th preliminaries, 8.77


Junior Boys' Long Jump:

Riley Paulik, Cambie, SILVER, 5.99

Andrew Ton, Cambie, seventh, 5.83


Senior Girls' Discus:

Autumn Covington (Kajak), LFA, BRONZE, 37.67

Chanell Botsis (Kajak), Best, fourth, 36.34

Victoria Dengler, Boyd, 16th, 23.82

Jamie Lam, MacNeill, 19th, 23.68


Senior Boys' Javelin:

Nicky Mah, Steveston-London, 16th, 39.43

Connor Forsyth, McMath, 29th, 28.26


Junior Girls' Shot Put:

Camryn Rogers, McMath, BRONZE, 12.41

Michelle Li, Cambie, 25th, 7.52


Junior Boys' Discus:

Derek Jeary, Steveston-London, 12th preliminaries, 29.61


Senior Girls' Long Jump:

Ranielle Casas, Cambie, 24th preliminaries, 4.41


Senior Boys' Discus:

Nicky Mah, Steveston-London, 19th preliminaries, 26.62

Yusuf Bukuk, Cambie, 25th preliminaries, 23.66


Junior Girls' Javelin:

Michelle Chan, McRoberts, BRONZE, 35.97


Junior Boys' Shot Put:

Riley Paulik, Cambie, 11th preliminaries, 10.66


Senior Girls' Hammer:

Chanell Botsis (Kajak), Best, BRONZE, 51.51


Senior Girls' Long Jump:

Sarah Cathcart, McMath, BRONZE, 5.14

Bailey Brodie, McNair, 29th preliminaries, 4.16


Junior Girls' Discus:

Mikee Macapagal, MacNeill, 11th preliminaries, 22.82

Mikee Doria, MacNeill, 16th preliminaries, 20.02


Junior Boys' Javelin:

Sam Williams, Cambie, 28th preliminaries, 30.80


Senior Boys' Long Jump:

Adrian Emata, Cambie, 11th preliminaries, 5.71


Junior Girls' Hammer:

Camryn Rogers, McMath, GOLD, 54.23


Senior Girls' Shot Put:

Mica Doria, MacNeill, 26th preliminaries, 7.63

Peony wong, MacNeill, 27th preliminaries, 8.23


Junior Girls' High Jump:

Sara Cathcart, McMath, GOLD, 1.55

Tianna Bobariu, McMath, 14th preliminaries, 1.45


Senior Girls' Javelin:

Peony Wong, MacNeill, 26th preliminaries, 23.02


Senior Boys' Shot Put:

Nathan Thomas, MacNeill, 16th preliminaries, 11.27

Ryan Carriere, Boyd, 21st preliminaries, 10.19


Junior Girls 4x400 Relay:

McMath A, BRONZE, 4:14.53

McMath B, 19th preliminaries, 4:44.50

MacNeill, 20th preliminaries, 4:53.82


Junior Boys' 4x400 Relay:

McMath A, 14th preliminaries, 3:47.91

Cambie, 24th preliminaries, 3:57.53


Senior Boys' High Jump:

Connor Forsyth, McMath, fourth, 1.85


Grade 8 Girls' 400 Metres:

Macaela Bradley-Tse, McMath, 10th preliminaries, 1:04.82

Jessie Hebert, McMath, 13th preliminaries, 1:05.27

Aileen Huang, MacNeill, 23rd preliminaries, 1:12.31


Grade 8 Boys' 400 Metres:

Nishaan Dulay, McMath, ninth preliminaries, 58.20

Andre Belisle, McMath, 12th preliminaries, 1:12.31


Grade 8 Girls' 1500 Metres:

Sirat Gadhria, Cambie, 20th preliminaries, 5:59.09


Grade 8 Boys' 1500 Metres:

Michael Araki-Young, 17th preliminaries, 4:52.44


Grade 8 Girls' 4x100 Relay:

McMath (Macaela Bradley-Tse, Dakota Chan, Jessie Hebert), eighth, 53.30


Grade 8 Boys' 4x100 Relay:

McMath B, BRONZE, 50.05

Cambie A, eighth, 51.46


Grade 8 Girls' High Jump:

Sarah Kamimura, McMath, fourth, 1.45

Leah Hartwell, McMath, 11th, 1.40

Holly Clark, McNair, 11th, 1.40


Grade 8 Boys' High Jump:

Alion Palino, Cambie, eighth, 1.55

Merveilles Amisi, Steveston-London, 11th, 1.50


Grade 8 Boys' 100 Meres:

Nicholas Higashitani, sixth, 12.23


Grade 8 Girls' Long Jump:

Kate Schmidt, McMath, 23rd preliminaries, 3.77m


Grade 8 Boys' Long Jump:

Eric Che, Burnett, fourth, 5.34

Sheldon Cabeltes, Cambie, sixth 5.17


Grade 8 Boys' Javelin:

Kyle San Juan, MacNeill, fifth, 35.40


Grade 8 Boy' Triple Jump:

Merveilles Amisi, Steveston-London, SILVER, 11.20


Grade Girls' Shot Put:

Leena Sadouk, Manceill, ninth preliminaries, 8.31

Tanvir Dosanjh, Cambie, 13th preliminaries, 7.42

Cindy He, Macneill, 21st preliminaries, 6.57m


Grade 8 Boys' Shot Put:

Rami Hamdan, Burnett, 12th preliminaries, 8.92


Grade 8 Boys: 800 Metres:

Nisha Dulay, McMath, eighth, 2:27.67


Grade 8 Boys' 200 Metres:

Nicholas Higashitani, Mcmath, eighth, 25.39

Eric Che, Burnett, 11th preliminaries, 25.75


Grade 8 Boys' 3000 Metres:

Andy Xu,Burnett, 17th, 11:45.58

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